Finnwood Designs Elevated Platform
Our Elevated Platform is designed to fit storage systems underneath.
Our loft platform ( a little higher than the elevated platform) can also
be used as a bed with furniture underneath or a stereo system. These
ideas come from previous customers requests (tall platform beds and
high platform beds). This design has larger legs and often a wider side
rail depending on the height. Tall platform beds and High platform are
terms used.

The simple cottage beds and elevated beds without headboard can be
done pretty fast so the longer waiting period is shortened. We try to
keep the parts cut for these so we could get them out within a week or
two,  sometimes sooner.
Pine Loft Platform Bed with about 40 inches of clearance.
Staining for free standing drawers is 100.00 extra - Includes all 3
drawers,  125.00  if you also have lids for the drawers. -195.00  if

Custom color 65.00 extra.

Staining for the cottage bed is $125.00 -Painting is $195.00
(Painted items are Primed and sanded 3 times before painting)

Staining for
Bookcase and trundle Beds is 145.00  Painting is 255.00

Staining for
Captain Beds with headboard  is 175.00  Painting is

Staining-Bombay Mahogany 350.00

Extra Slats: $75.00 - $115.00  
Extra Slats only needed for Memory Foam Mattress or air beds
Ash Wood loft bed
Ash Wood Loft done for a
Summer Cottage and fits well
over trundle.
Copyrightę 2012 Finnwood Designs
Any bed with more than 20 inches of clearance is considered a loft bed.

Poplar prices below are for unfinished and no Headboard.
Headboard prices are listed below and can be added

With 20 in clearance your platform is 24 inches.
This Loft  bed has 25 inches of
clearance and the adjustable Kajaani
headboard. The Twin Kajaani headboard
is 65 dollars extra and adds a nice
finished look to the bed.  

Idea! This headboard could be

Below is a Queen loft bed with 36 inches
of clearance and they added a head
board. Oak stained Black. Cut out
corners extra.
This tall or elevated platform has 20 inches of clearance and has
larger legs to help balance the look and add strength. This also has
8 inch side rails instead of the normal 6 inch.
Extra  slats  are
available priced below.
Regular slat system included but you can
order extra slats if you need for foam type mattress or futon.
This Black high platform bed or Loft platform bed (over 20 inches)
was done for a college student who put his speakers for his stereo
system underneath. This bed had 40 inches of clearance. (loft bed)  
This also has larger legs and  side rails instead of the normal 6 inch.
Poplar prices below are for unfinished and no Headboard
Headboard prices are listed below and can be added
A Kajaani style Headboard can  be added as seen on some of
the beds  below.
Kajaani Style Headboard is priced below for Poplar elevated or loft
Twin - 99.00
Full - 150.00
Queen  - 170.00
King - 225.00
Twin Elevated
  Full Elevated
Queen Elevated
  King Elevated
Twin Loft
  Full Loft
Queen Loft
  King Loft
Elevated beds can have drawers made that are up to approximately 15
inches, as above. Lids are an option. Cost for these deeper drawers
increases the drawer cost about 35%.
Kajaani Style Headboard is priced below for Poplar elevated
or loft beds.
Twin - 99.00
Full - 120.00
Queen  - 150.00
King - 199.00
Add 4 inches to the clearance to give you the height where the
platform would sit for the  mattress.
A bed with 20 inches of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the
side rail would make your platform at 24 inches.
Just add your mattress height to get the overall bed height.